How to Pick the Best Umbrella Stroller – You Need to Know

With so many strollers in the market today, it can be difficult for a new parent to choose the best one for himself or herself. Because they will be doing all the pushing, they, therefore, need to choose the most appropriate with less effort.

Of all the strollers available in the market, the umbrella stroller tops the list for being portable and lightweight. The portability makes the umbrella stroller the best choice for parents who travel a lot or who are always on the go. They will save you from stress and tiredness.

Knowing the type of stroller you need is one thing, choosing the best umbrella stroller for your need is another. So how do you pick the best one? Here are some of the features you need to consider when choosing the best umbrella stroller.

best umbrella stroller

Size And Weight

The importance of size and weight in selecting the best umbrella stroller cannot go underestimated. Check for how much it weighs or how bulky it is.

Pick the lightest or smallest as possible but at the same time look for other features of the stroller that you want, for example, check if it has a recline function.

You should be able to lift the stroller up the stairs or into your car trunk comfortably. If you like to stroll around in the park, you don’t want to get tired fast, therefore, go for a light one.

Ease Of Folding And Carrying In A Carry Strap

The ease of folding is important if you travel a lot, how quick and easy is it for you to fold it up preferably with only one hand and take it effortlessly.

When on a journey, you will need to fold and unfold the stroller multiple times; therefore, you should easily do this with luggage and baby in one arm and carry it easily with the other arm.

Also, check if you can put it in a case or carry strap because it will make it easy to carry and will be more useful when traveling. Compact strollers can easily be portable on planes, and easily on your shoulders, this makes them easier to transport.

Storage Basket

To pick the best stroller, you need to check for the presence of the storage basket. The storage basket has a right place to put items that will not be easy to carry in your arms.

However, go for strollers with smaller baskets because a bigger basket will mean more weight which will be uncomfortable for you.

Think of the security of the storage because most of the time they are targets of petty thieves. Therefore do not keep anything valuable in it. Always have a backpack to store important things.


Consider if you need the stroller to recline, because reclining strollers are heavier or bulkier. If your child is fond of sleeping in the stroller, you might want to consider this feature. Otherwise, look for a stroller that has little or no recline feature to save on space and weight.

How to Pick the Best Umbrella Stroller can be a daunting task for new parents due to a large number of different strollers in the market.

Therefore, to pick the best stroller the parent must consider the weight and size of the stroller, its reclining ability, the availability of the storage basket and its size and how easy is it to fold and carry with a strap if you are a traveling parent. If you consider these features, you will pick the best umbrella stroller.

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