InStep Safari Double Swivel Stroller Review

If you’ve been on the hunt for a double stroller that’s truly a jogger, you’re in luck. The InStep Safari Double Swivel Stroller is a great option for parents with twins or two small children who want to get out there and exercise!  It’s got some really great features that make it great to use for everyday activities in addition to running.  Here are some of the best features:

The Wheels

When buying a jogging stroller, the first item you should look at is the wheels. You want large diameter wheels with pneumatic rubber tires so your stroller can handle high speed bumps and off-road trails encountered while jogging.

The Safari has you covered in this department. Two large 16” diameter wheels are in the rear, while a single 12” wheel handles the front.  All three wheels have rubber, air filled tires to give the smoothest ride possible, even while off-road.

The Trays

Unlike other strollers, this one comes with trays for everybody.  Two fold down trays ride in front of the kids to hold their favorite toys, snacks, and a beverage for each one.  The trays also add a sense of security for the kids, who know that they’re not going to fall out.

The parent tray has a snap shut compartment to hold your valuables and dual cup holders to carry the beverages of your choice.  All three of you will enjoy having your own cup holder!

Locking Front Wheel

For serious jogging and off-road action, you always want a locking front wheel.  This allows the stroller to track better at higher speeds, or you can use it with the wheel up like a two-wheeler if you get in some really nasty terrain.  The Safari double stroller has a manual device to switch back and forth between swivel and lock as needed.

InStep Safari Double Swivel Stroller Review

Comfortable Grip

One item that’s often overlooked on strollers is the grip provided on the handle.  When you put a stroller in an exercise environment where you’re sweating and traveling fast, positive grip becomes more important.

To make sure you get a positive grip, InStep uses a comfortable and slip resistant rubberized grip material that you’ll really enjoy.

Storage Basket

Two kids always means more stuff.  To make sure you’ve got enough room, the Safari Double has an oversize storage basket below the two seats and in between the wheels.  It’s nice and deep so you can carry plenty of gear with you no matter what the three of you are up to.  Remember, you can never have too much storage.

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  • Rubberized grip for a positive feel and control
  • Pneumatic tires for a smoother ride on all terrain
  • Large diameter wheels to handle large bumps
  • Trays for everyone
  • Dual sun shades to protect the kids
  • Locking front wheel
  • Dual trigger folding for safety


  • Could be 1” narrower to fit through all doors
  • Child trays aren’t removable

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q: Can I put an infant car seat on one side of this stroller?

A: Yes, this stroller is compatible with several common car seats, including Britax, Graco, and Chicco brands.

Q: When I receive this stroller, is it fully assembled?

A: Some minor assembly is required.  A few screws to attach the trays and you pop the wheels right on and you’re ready to go.

Q: What is the weight limit of this stroller?

A: The Safari Double is rated for two 50 pound children, or two kids weighing a total of 100 pounds combined.

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Final Verdict

If you’re in the market for a true double jogging stroller, you should definitely consider the InStep Safari Double Swivel Stroller.  It has all the features that make it a true jogger, and all the conveniences that make it great for everyday use.  While it may be a little wide for some doors, you’ll love the rugged construction and especially the price.  For any parents with two kids, the Safari Double Swivel Stroller is a great value.

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