Best Umbrella Stroller – Guide & Reviews

Umbrella strollers are a perfect option for parents who are often out and about with their children. Compared to a full-sized stroller, these are a smaller, lightweight and more convenient option. With so many options available in the market, you might be having a hard time picking the right one. And it is totally justifiable.

We always want the best for our children, right? Well, in this review I have listed some of the best umbrella strollers currently in the market for all kinds of budgets, so the hard work has been done for you. Along with lists of their pros and cons, you get to weigh them out and make an informed decision for yourself.

Kolcraft Cloud Umbrella Stroller

Kolcraft Cloud Umbrella Stroller - Spring Green

This umbrella stroller many parents’ favorite as it has a sun canopy and a rear hood, both of which serve to provide more coverage from the sun for your little passenger than most umbrella strollers do.

Since babies have necessities and you might not know where and when you will need them, this umbrella stroller features a storage basket for carrying all those necessities. A cool-climate roll-up exposes mesh that increases air circulation and doubles up as a headrest.

The front swivel wheels are shock-absorbing, for little to no impact on your precious cargo when the ride gets a little bumpy. A 3-point safety harness will keep your baby secured and safe. Folding is simple and compact, and it includes only one step, making travel a breeze.


  • Extended sun canopy and rear hood
  • Cool climate roll up increases air circulation and creates a headrest
  • Storage basket for carrying necessities
  • Front swivel wheels are shock-absorbing
  • 3-point safety harness to keep baby secure
  • 1-step fold is simple and compact
  • Parent cup holder
  • Foam padded handles for soft grip and easy steering


  • Basket is too small
  • The stroller is too short for taller parents

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Baby Trend Rocket Lightweight Stroller

Baby Trend Rocket Lightweight Stroller, Princeton

Baby Trend has some of the most comfortable strollers that keep your baby as cozy as possible in transit, and this one is no different. It has a comfortable basket with a large canopy that protects the baby from the sun’s harshness.

Its foldable frame is easy to fold, to store and transport, and it also features padded handle grips for comfort and easier operation. It also has 2 cup holders to keep the caregiver happy as well. It is also super lightweight, making transportation even easier.

Regarding safety, it features a 5-point model harness that will restrain your baby well, keeping them safe and secure. It has a patented parking brake that is dual-foot activated, that works well regardless of whether the ground is flat or sloppy.


  • Comfort grip handle
  • 5-point harness
  • 2 cup holders
  • Large canopy
  • Large storage basket
  • Dual foot-activated brake


  • Needs a lot of time to pull up and take down
  • The canopy will constantly fall forward if not put on correctly

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Kolcraft Cloud Plus Lightweight Stroller

Kolcraft Cloud Plus Lightweight Stroller, Fire Red

This Kolcraft stroller was built for mobility. This compact and rugged stroller has all-terrain wheels and front suspension for a smoother, less bumpy ride. It has a compact fold and a lightweight design, making it perfect for traveling and for day trips.

It has a large storage basket that can be easily accessed, to hold all of your baby’s necessities. Folding is easy, fast and convenient, as it can be done with one hand. After folding, this stroller is self-standing.

It features a reclining seat that has multiple positions, to keep your baby extra comfortable. For maximum sun coverage, this Kolcraft stroller features a 3-tier extended canopy with a peek-a-boo window for you to keep an eye on your precious cargo and for even more outdoor fun. Both the child tray and the parent tray offer 2 cup holders.


  • Large basket for storage
  • 3-tier extended canopy for maximum sun coverage and a peek-a-boo window
  • Child and parent tray offer 2 cup holders
  • All terrain wheels with front suspension for smooth ride
  • 5-point safety restraint system
  • Multiple position reclining seat


  • The backrest is prone to buckling which will then be uncomfortable to sit in
  • The material stains easily

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Disney Umbrella Stroller with Basket

Disney Umbrella Stroller with Basket, Mickey

For babies who love Disney and Mickey, this purchase will be perfect! It is incredibly cute with a cute Mickey print, complete with ears on the hood. It has a basket underneath the seat for storing some of your baby’s necessities.

The canopy with the cute Mickey ears provides a welcome shade on sunny days. It features a lightweight design that makes it easy to get around with it, without it feeling like a burden.

This stroller folds down to a compact size, making storage easy even in the car. This means that it is perfect for travel as it can be put in the trunk and ferried anywhere, to be unfolded whenever the baby needs it.


  • Compact 3D fold
  • Secure 3-point harness to hold the baby securely
  • Features a fun Disney character canopy
  • Lightweight design makes it easy to get around with
  • Storage basket underneath the seat


  • Short handles
  • Space beneath the seat for storage is small and tight
  • Not ideal for taller toddlers

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Kolcraft Cloud Umbrella Stroller

Kolcraft Cloud Umbrella Stroller

This umbrella stroller has a rear hood and an extended sun canopy to provide more sun coverage than most umbrella strollers do. These offer more protection for your baby against the sun’s harsh rays.

It also features a cool-climate roll-up that exposes mesh for more air circulation. It also creates a headrest to make your toddler more comfy while on the go. It has a large and easily accessible storage basket that will hold all of you baby’s necessities, so you never lack anything important wherever you go with this stroller.

It has all-terrain wheels that will take on any road you will be on. Even the bumpy surfaces are handled with much ease. It has padded foam handles that provide a soft grip for the caregiver, making this stroller easy to steer too.


  • 3 point safety harness to keep the baby secure inside
  • Has an extended sun canopy and a rear hood for more protection against the sun
  • Mesh for increased air circulation
  • Large storage basket
  • Cup holder
  • Foam padded handles


  • Short handles especially for taller parents

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Delta Children LX Side by Side Tandem Umbrella Stroller

Delta Children LX Side by Side Tandem Umbrella Stroller, Lime Green

The Delta Children LX Side by Side Tandem Umbrella Stroller has a lightweight frame for easy transportation and portability and has a compact umbrella fold for easy storage and travel. One of the best features is the full multi-position recline with an adjustable footrest for enhanced comfort of the baby.

It features a 5 point harness for your piece of mind, as it holds the baby safely and securely inside the stroller. It has soft shoulder pads for your little one’s comfort. This stroller can fit through a standard 30-inch door, so you do not need to worry about folding and unfolding when you need to get through doors.

For convenience, this stroller has a parent cup holder, and 2 large hanging storage bags to store anything the babies might need while on the go. It also features 360 degrees, shock-absorbing wheels for smooth rides and a large European style canopy to provide adequate shade.


  • Large European style canopy
  • 5 point harness with soft shoulder pads
  • Compact umbrella fold
  • Parent cup holder
  • 2 large hanging storage bags
  • 360-degree, shock-absorbing wheels
  • Can fit through a standard door
  • Seats recline in multiple positions


  • Cup holder sticks far out, making it difficult to pass through doors
  • No storage underneath

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BeBeLove USA Single Umbrella Stroller

BeBeLove USA Single Umbrella Stroller, Solid Red

The BeBeLove USA Single Umbrella Stroller is a single umbrella stroller that features scissor folding. It is easy to fold, and it allows for compact storage, making it super convenient for trips.

It has a canopy that serves to protect your little one from the sun and keep him or her safe in his or her little shade while on the go. The stroller itself is super lightweight and is perfect for quick outings or for instances where your other stroller would be too big.

It is easy to maneuver and has a mesh storage pocket for storing your baby’s necessities, so you do not lack anything important while out there. It also has a pin that connects the arms together so that it doesn’t inadvertently pop open.


  • Scissor folding
  • Easy to fold
  • Compact storage
  • Has a canopy
  • Mesh storage pocket


  • Does not recline
  • Wheels don’t last with heavy use
  • Handles face inward, and this might not be ideal for some

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JOOVY New Groove Ultralight Umbrella Stroller

JOOVY New Groove Ultralight Umbrella Stroller, Charcoal

This stroller is one of the options that is newborn ready, with a seat that deeply reclines to a near-flat position and a bassinet mode to accommodate newborns. The new Groove Ultralight from JOOVY is made of a new soft brushed, water resistant fabric and features a foot enclosure.

It features 2 in-seat mesh pockets to hold bottles, snacks, toys or sippy cups that are well within reach. A UPF 50 canopy protects against the sun. It is adjustable and removable, with light-reflective material on all 4 sides to make sure you are seen during those night time strolls. A huge plus on safety.

It also has a peek-a-boo window for you to keep an eye on your little one. Two cup holders ensure both mommy and daddy can take their favorite beverage with them. A zippered pocket provides ample storage space for keeping your valuables like keys safely and out of sight. The amazing fold and auto-lock feature ensure a compact standing umbrella fold.


  • Easy carry strap
  • 2 cup holders
  • Zippered pocket for storing valuables
  • Fold and auto-lock feature ensures compact folding
  • Peek a boo window
  • Big wheels ensure better maneuverability
  • Mesh pockets in seat
  • Foot enclosure
  • Deeply reclines


  • Difficult to erect and collapse

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Graco Breaze Click Connect Stroller

Graco Breaze Click Connect Stroller, Pierce

Due to its innovative one-hand fold, Graco Breaze Click Connect Stroller is the easiest folding umbrella stroller. It features an extra-large canopy with UV 50 protection. A pop-out visor provides adequate shade from the sun.

It has an extra-large storage basket that can be accessed easily, to store all of your child’s necessities like wipes, diapers and et cetera for whenever you might need them while on the go. It also has a removable cup holder for the parent.

It features front swivel wheels which are lockable with suspension for a smooth ride. When it is folded, it locks automatically to prevent it from opening unexpectedly to cause any accidents. It also has a carry strap to make transportation a breeze.


  • One-hand fold
  • Extra-large canopy with UV50 protection
  • Pop-out sun visor for more shade
  • Adjustable calf support
  • Lockable front wheels with suspension
  • Removable cup holder
  • Extra-large storage basket that can be easily accessed


  • Wheels stick out in the folded position
  • It cannot stand by itself

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Chicco Echo Stroller, Turquoise

Chicco Echo Stroller, Turquoise

This bright and stylish stroller is the perfect solution for parents on the move. It is a compact and lightweight stroller that combines the child’s comfort and parents’ functionality. The lightweight and compact nature, along with the carry handle makes it practical and easy for life on the go.

It has a rigid, padded backrest that can be reclined with a single hand, and is adjustable to four different positions for your baby’s comfort. It also features a leg rest that can be adjusted to two positions to further your baby’s comfort.

It has a stylish canopy to protect against the sun, with a zip-off rear flap to provide added enclosure when need be. It zips off to allow for air circulation. It also features a 5 point harness to secure the baby safely inside the stroller, with padded shoulder straps. A mesh storage basket this stroller comes with has ample room to carry the baby’s things.


  • Dual front wheels with locking swivels and suspension
  • Rear canopy for added enclosure and more air flow when zipped off
  • 5 point harness with padded shoulder straps
  • Four positions reclining seat
  • 2 position adjustable leg support
  • Mesh storage basket for storing baby’s things


  • Breaking it back down for storage takes a little getting used to
  • For shorter kids, the shade is not adequate, and the canopy is not adjustable

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Things To Consider When Buying an Umbrella Stroller

So you want to buy an umbrella stroller. You cannot just run to the store and pick the first one you see. I can almost guarantee you disappointment. When it comes down to choosing an ideal umbrella stroller for you, you ought to consider a few things first.

While all of them have the same basic features, some have extra features that improve comfort, convenience and functionality. Here is a brief list of things to consider before choosing an umbrella stroller

Baby’s Age And Size

A parent should not put a baby under six months in an umbrella stroller unless it has been stated that it is safe for babies in that age bracket. If not, parents should look for other options. Also, these strollers have a weight limit.

Most full-size umbrella strollers can accommodate kids of up to 45 kg whereas smaller models have a limit of 23 kg. Because the seat sits lower, an umbrella stroller for a tall kid with long legs will be uncomfortable, so parents need to put that into consideration before buying one.


Your child’s safety is always paramount. So when choosing an umbrella stroller, do not overlook features that improve the safety of the stroller. These include things like wheel locks to prevent the stroller from rolling away, a restraint system that is a 3 point or a 5 point harness to secure the baby inside the stroller and make sure he or she is safe. Footrests also raise the feet away from the ground or from the wheel, protecting the feet.


A reclining seat and a leg rest that is adjustable are nice convenience features for your little passenger on the go. For kids, being comfy and napping can be the difference between a successful outing and a disastrous one filled with tantrums and crying. Finding a truly comfortable seat is, unfortunately, no walk in the park when it comes to lightweight strollers in general.

Some offer a reclining back with no adjustable leg rest. Others have both a leg rest and recline option while others have neither. Depending on the kind of trip you are planning, a simple stroller with less or no comfort options might suffice, but if you are taking a trip to the park all day, life will be a lot easier if your baby can get cozy and nap as they get tired.


The canopy on the umbrella stroller should be large enough to provide shade for your baby from the sun’s harsh rays. It should do this without blocking your kid’s view of the outside world because where’s the fun in that?

Adjustable and removable canopies are highly recommended because of what circumstances might call for sometimes. Some models have a pop-out sun-visor for even more protection against the sun. This will be your secret weapon when pushing towards the sun those late afternoons when it hangs so low in the sky, and the canopy just won’t suffice.

Folded Size And Weight

The weight of an umbrella stroller and how compact it can fold is what makes a great umbrella stroller stand out above the rest. One of the most important considerations of finding one that you can fold and transport with ease. You want to go with one that can easily go from carrying the baby to being stored or carried. Heavier options might be cumbersome to carry, but if the folding is compact and you fit it in the trunk of your car more that you carry it, then I don’t see why not.

Ease Of Use

Ease of use improves your daily experience with the umbrella stroller, and features that make using the product easier or add versatility are a huge plus. It will be more user-friendly and enjoyable to use for the baby and by the parent. Having a larger sunshade will mean the stroller might be able to make outdoor trips for longer. Additional features like a storage unit for storing two three things, a cup holder to hold a cup or your baby’s bottle, and a back pocket improve convenience.

Top Brands

When it comes to products for babies, some brands have better reputations than others. They are known for producing quality products with good performance to boot, and you can never go wrong with a product from them. When choosing an umbrella stroller, consider such brands to help narrow down your options, do your research, ask other moms and read lots of reviews.

Final Words

After all is said and done, it is obvious that there can never be just one best stroller for everyone. Needs and other variables like the child’s age and what not are always going to vary from user to user. Which is why in my review, I provided you with a list of 10 of the very best, listed with their best features and their pros and cons.

This is so that you can see for yourself what features will work in your favor, what pros you are looking for and the cons you can live with or work around. One thing is for sure though; you can never go wrong with any of them.

I have also provided you with a brief list of things to consider before making a purchase, so that you know exactly what you are looking for, to be able to make a decision from an informed point of view.

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