Best Tandem Double Jogging Stroller - Guide and Review

If you’re a parent with two small children or twins, you need a stroller that’s a little bit different. If you like to exercise by walking or jogging, your stroller needs to be able to handle the abuse.

While there are many tandem strollers widely available for purchase on the internet, very few can actually handle the rigors of jogging with the weight of two children.

In an effort to find the best tandem double jogging strollers, I searched the internet and located several of the best ones.

After that, I narrowed the list down to five of the best strollers you can buy. Here are the final top five, with a short review of each one of them:

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InStep Arrow Fixed Wheel Double Jogger

Editor Rating:

Designed and made by Schwinn, this double jogger incorporates many features that make Schwinn bicycles some of the best on the market.

One of the best parts about jogging strollers is the large wheels. Bigger wheels really soak up those bumps and make the ride much smoother.

InStep also uses pneumatic tires on the three 16-inch wheels, which adds an additional layer of smoothness and comfort to the ride. Both rear wheels also feature shocks to handle the larger bumps and obstacles, which parents and children really appreciate. On hard surfaces or in the dirt, this stroller will roll just about anywhere.


For additional safety and control, this double jogger has an included bicycle-style hand brake for additional stopping power. If you need to make an emergency stop, you’ll be able to do it in time. The friction-style brake has a lever mounted on the handle so you can squeeze it easily with your left hand.

Adjustable Handle

No stroller ever created is the correct height for everyone, so Schwinn included an adjustable handle on this jogger. Whether you’re short or tall, simply adjust the height of your stroller handle where you like it, and you’re off and running.

You’ll also appreciate the durable rubber bicycle styled handgrips that give you maximum control and no slipping.

Sound System

One of the most unique features found on this stroller is the included sound system. You can simply plug in your favorite audio device and serenade your children with their favorite songs while they ride! It’s features like this that make the InStep stroller a step above the competition.

Other features include dual cupholders, foot brakes, a front fender, and quick-release levers for easy wheel changes. This is a quality stroller that’s also lightweight and provides plenty of storage below your children for all your necessities.

InStep Safari Double Swivel Stroller

Editor Rating:

This stroller is similar to the Arrow stroller above, but it has some definite differences that make it stand out.

With the Safari double stroller, you have the option of locking the front wheel for jogging and straight line stability, or unlocking so it swivels.

The swiveling front wheel allows you to maneuver more effectively in tight areas like the shopping mall or grocery store, so this stroller is comfortable to pilot virtually anywhere.

Trays for the Kids

When you buy the Safari double stroller, everybody gets a tray. The parent tray features dual cup holders and a storage area, while the child trays have flat storage for snacks and one cupholder per child. The trays also serve as an extra level of security to keep the kids securely in place.

Car seats

When buying a new stroller, it’s always helpful to figure out if your car seats are compatible. That way, you can snap your car seat into the stroller chassis to avoid transitions from car seat to stroller.

This saves parents a ton of time and effort. The InStep stroller is compatible with many of the most popular car seat brands, including Graco, Chicco, and Britax.

Dual Sunshades

To keep the sun out of the little ones’ eyes, the Safari stroller has a sunshade for each child, which can be adjusted for maximum effectiveness.


Underneath the two seats, the Safari stroller has a large storage tray to carry everything you need along with you. The tray runs the full width of the stroller and is about eight inches deep, so it will fit a large amount of supplies.

Other features include pneumatic tires, molded plastic wheels, reflectors for safety, rubber grips, and a dual-trigger folding mechanism. If you want a side-by-side double stroller with a swiveling front wheel, the InStep Safari is a good choice.

JOOVY Scooter X2 Double Stroller

Editor Rating:

The X2 from JOOVY is a great option for parents looking for a double stroller with one-hand fold.

Unlike other double strollers, the JOOVY Scooter X2 will fit through standard doors! It’s 30 inches wide overall, so you’ll never get stopped by a doorway again.

This is a unique feature for a double stroller, especially with side-by-side seating. Anyone who’s ever experienced width issues with a stroller will love that those days are over.


The JOOVY X2 is sturdy enough to last. The rated capacity of this stroller is 2 children up to 45 pounds each, or a total weight of 90 pounds.

That’s plenty of capacity to last until your children can walk on their own two feet. Plus, you’ll appreciate the oversized storage basket to keep all of your things in, which is the largest one on the market.

Goodies for the Parents

For the parent, there are two beverage holders and two zipper pockets to keep your essentials close but secure. You’ll also love the convenient one-hand fold which always makes it easier to transition to and from the car.


The JOOVY X2 is made from the strongest and lightest materials possible. The frame is made from super-strong graphite, known for its strength to weight ratio, and the heavy-duty fabric is 600D nylon, a light and strong fabric that will last.

The front wheels are 7” diameter, double, and swivel, while the rears are 9.5” diameter to help you go over large obstacles. This stroller is built lightweight so you can pick it up and tough so it will last.

Other features include a linked rear parking brake, a giant oversized canopy, a bumper bar, adjustable reclining seats, and five available colors so you can pick your favorite. This is a great double stroller, but the non-locking front wheels and smaller wheel size make this less capable for jogging use.

Baby Trend Expedition Double Jogger

Editor Rating:

The Expedition double jogger from Baby Trend is a nice choice for all families with two small children, whether you jog or not.

The Expedition has plenty of cargo capacity to allow your children plenty of time to grow.

It’s rated to hold two children up to 50 pounds each, or a total of 100 pounds safely. Recommended child height is up to 42”. From newborn to toddler, the Expedition can handle the load!

The Seats

Each seat is independent, with adjustable recline for maximum comfort. Plus, each seat has a 5-point safety harness to keep your children safely strapped in, but still comfortable. You don’t have to worry about your children’s safety when you’re jogging with the Expedition.


On this double stroller, the front wheel is 12” diameter and the two rear wheels are 16”. The front wheel can swivel for regular use, or lock for use when jogging. Tire duties are handled by pneumatic tires which provide a smoother, bump-free ride.

Parents will also love the peek-a-boo window to keep an eye on the kids, the dual cup holders and tray, and the huge storage basket located underneath to hold all your gear. This is a great all-around choice for a double jogger.

Bell Motivator Mag Indoor Bicycle Trainer

Editor Rating:

Unlike the other strollers on this list, the Sit N Stand Double uses front and rear seating instead of the side-by-side configuration.

You get several seating options with the Sit N Stand. You can use two infant car seats, one car seat in the front, or just use the regular seats with a smaller child up front and the larger of the two in back.

When the bigger child gets too big, remove the rear seat and let the toddler stand up and ride. Versatility is what the Sit N Stand does best, and all these options ensure you can use it for a long time.


Each child gets a five point safety harness to keep them strapped in, and the child trays with cup holder act as an additional layer of security to keep them in.

When you take your kids out in this stroller, you don’t have to worry about them getting out. The foot-activated parking brake provides another level of safety whenever you stop for a minute or two.


Baby Trend’s Sit N Stand Double can handle your kids. It’s rated to carry two children of up to 40 pounds each, or 40 inches tall. That means it will last you for years with normal use, and you should probably keep it just in case you have any more. You’ll also appreciate the giant storage basket located underneath to carry all of your stuff. For loads big or small, the Sit N Stand Double can handle it all!

This is a full-featured double stroller that fits easily through all doorways and has swiveling front wheels for easy maneuverability. The small wheel size and length of the stroller make it a little difficult to use for a jogger, but it’s great for everything else.

Final Verdict

If you’ve been looking for a great tandem double jogging stroller, all five of these strollers are fine choices. Keep in mind the features you need, and choose the one that’s right for you. Since I always like to choose a winner, I name the InStep Safari Double Swivel Stroller the champion.

It has the large diameter wheels with pneumatic tires that you want in a jogger, a front wheel that locks or swivels, trays for everyone, and a huge storage basket for all your gear. For a double stroller with true jogging capabilities, the Safari Double from InStep is a fantastic choice.

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