Best Lightweight Double Jogging Stroller - Guide and Review

Double jogging strollers are a great way for parents to stay in shape and take their kids with them. There are so many models available, that it can cumbersome trying to find one that fits you and your family.

There are some that work better than others, and some that have extra features any parent can use. The key is to find one that has the right balance for you and your kids while you’re jogging.

If you’re having some trouble finding one, this review should help point you in the right direction to find the right double jogging stroller for you and your family.

Recommended Product Reviews

Baby Trend Expedition Double Jogger Stroller

Editor Rating:

The stroller is designed to hold children who are between 6-50 lbs. It’s ideal for parents who have children of different ages, so you can take both of them with you on your jog.

They’ll be able to fit comfortably, as long as they’re under 42 inches tall. You’ll enjoy spending more time with your kids with this stroller.

The seats in the stroller can recline to different positions to maximize the comfort for your kids. It’s ideal for kids who want to recline and take a nap while you’re on a jog. The 5-point safety harness will keep your kids buckled in. They’ll be safe and secure in the stroller while you’re out jogging.

The smaller wheel in the front of the stroller allows you to have maximum control over it at all times. You can take the stroller over bumps and rough roads, and your kids won’t feel every bump. The rubber, pneumatic wheels create a smooth ride for your kids to help them relax.

You can lock the front wheel with your foot, which is great when your hands are full. The rear brakes lock when you activate them. You can fold the stroller up quickly, which is ideal for when you have multiple children. You’ll love the large storage basket under the stroller when you need to put your personal belongings.

Thule Urban Glide Sport Stroller

Editor Rating:

The front wheel swivels to give you maximum control over the stroller. You can maneuver wherever you want to go.

When you need to take a break from jogging, the stroller will lock into place. You won’t have to worry about the stroller rolling away from you when you stop.

The handlebar has an ergonomic feel to it so you can concentrate on your jogging. The handlebar adjusts to your preferred height, which is ideal for parents that are different heights. Your wrists will be comfortable while you’re pushing the stroller, making it one of the best available.

The rear suspension provides a smooth and comfortable ride for your kids, allowing them to take a nap. It’s ideal for parents who love to have their kids take a nap when they can. The stroller folds into a compact design that is ideal for putting it in a car. You can take the stroller with you on road trips.

The canopy on the stroller has multiple positions so you can keep the sun out of your kids’ faces. You’ll be able to look through the roof of the stroller to keep an eye out on your kids to make sure they’re okay. It’s the best way to keep your kids from being out in the sun for too long.

JOOVY Scooter X2 Double Stroller

Editor Rating:

The stroller is wide enough to fit two kids in it, but also narrow enough to fit through standard sized doors. The stroller supports up to 90 lbs. between two children.

It’s the perfect stroller for parents who don’t want the stroller to collapse. You'll be happy when you have both of your kids with you on your jog.

The seats on the stroller recline to different positions. The best part is that you can recline each seat individually. That way, when one kid wants to lay back, the other one can sit up. You just use the footrest to set each seat in the proper position to keep them calm and relaxed.

You can fold up the stroller using only one hand. It’s ideal when you’re dealing with multiple children. The huge basket allows you to keep your personal belongings and a diaper bag with you. The bumper bar removes off the stroller so you can fold it up into a more compact position.

The large wheels are designed to help you when you need it. The stroller is easy to maneuver, and the linked parking brakes keep the stroller from rolling away. You can use the cup holders to keep your coffee nearby while you’re jogging. The zippered pockets are ideal for keeping your phone in when you’re on the move.

Baby Trend Expedition Double Jogger

Editor Rating:

If you have kids that are close in age, but a couple of years apart, this stroller will fit them perfectly. The stroller can hold up to 100 lbs. total.

It’s ideal for parents who have a toddler and baby, and want to take them on a jog. As long as the children aren’t over 42 inches, the stroller will fit them.

You can put the kids in different positions in their chairs, thanks to the multiple position option of the seats. The 5-point safety harness prevents your kids from getting injured while in the stroller. When you need to stop suddenly, the harness won’t choke or hurt them.

The smaller front wheel allows you to control the stroller the way you want. The all-terrain tires allow you to go over bumps and rocks without disturbing your kids. The rubber, pneumatic tires provide a comfortable and smooth ride for them. They’ll enjoy spending time in the stroller.

You can lock the rear wheels of the stroller with your foot, which is great when your hands are full. The rear brake system is an excellent tool for when you need to stop and rest. The front wheel swivels to allow you maximum maneuverability. You can fold up the stroller with one hand to help you out.

Bebelove Usa Evo-Ds Double Jogging Stroller

Editor Rating:

You can fit any kid in the seat, up to 50 lbs. It was designed for kids who are six months or older, making it ideal for parents of toddlers.

The wheels are fixed, which makes maneuvering easy and smooth. Your kids will enjoy riding in the stroller, and you’ll enjoy having them with you.

The seats recline, which is ideal for any kid who wants to lay down and take a nap. The 5-point harness will prevent any injuries from occurring, even if you have to stop quickly. There is a hand and foot brake on the stroller, which is ideal when you’re out jogging with a double stroller.

The sun canopy on the stroller has multiple positions to help keep your kids out of the sun as much as possible. The all-terrain design is ideal for parents who like to add a little bit of a challenge to their jog. The lightweight steel frame is ideal for lifting the stroller into and out of a car.

There is a basket under the seat so you can keep your personal belongings or your kids diaper bag nearby. If your kids happen to be messy, the seats are washable so you don’t need to worry about crumbs. The suspension on the strollers allow your kids to have a smooth and relaxing ride.

Final Verdict

If you’re looking for a double stroller to take your kids out on a jog, the options available appear to be endless. One could spend a whole day looking at different strollers for jogging, but you won’t have to anymore. If you’re looking for a double jogging stroller, I recommend the Bebelove Usa Evo-Ds Double Jogging Stroller.

It has everything a parent could want, right down to the washable seats. The rugged design is ideal for taking the stroller out on a challenging jogging path, while keeping your kids comfortable. It’s a stroller you and your kids will enjoy having, especially when you’re trying to stay in shape.

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