Best Inline Double Jogging Strollers - Guide and Review

When shopping for the right stroller, it is equally as important that you find a stroller that accommodates your child, as it does you.

Strollers can make your life much easier by reducing the cumbersome nature of transporting multiple children around a mall, trail, neighborhood, or theme park. The right stroller can make walking with your children safe, comfortable, and convenient.

The great thing about inline strollers is that they are a little easier to move around. Where side-by-side strollers may have difficulty maneuvering through busy areas, crowded streets, in narrow parking lots and garages, and through slim doors, inline strollers have a slimmer profile which gives them a better frame for moving through those tough-to-navigate areas.

As a busy mom or dad, choosing the best inline stroller for you is absolutely critical for the safe and comfortable transportation of your child, and the preservation of your health and sanity.

So you don’t have to scour the internet or stores for hundreds of different inline stroller models, we have done the work for you. Here are five of the best inline strollers that we have found online and why we like them, so all you have to do is just pick them one you like, and start strolling.

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RAD Cycle Products Indoor Portable Magnetic Workout Bicycle Trainer

Editor Rating:

The versatility of the Baby Trend Sit N Stand Double Stroller is unmistakable. It has a weight capacity of up to 80 pounds for two infants or small children.

This stroller allows you the freedom to attach up to two baby trend infant car seats, or even use the car seats of other brands to attach to the frame of this Baby Trend stroller.

It even features a rear platform so that older children can either sit or stand on the back, while an infant or toddler is safely strolled in the front seat. The stroller features two detachable canopies for both seats, to make sure that your children are comfortable, cool, and shaded from the sun.

It also has a large storage basket underneath to store all of the supplies that you and your children will need throughout the day. This stroller also features a spring suspension and durable wheels, so that it can roll smoothly over rugged terrain like dirt and gravel.

This stroller also features trays and interchangeable cup holders, that you can attach to each of the seats so that your children have easy access to drinks, snacks, and whatever they may need, at arm’s length.

The parent also has two accessible cup holders near the handlebars. This versatile and multifunctional stroller weighs in at 39 pounds, and only costs you $159, which is a very reasonable price for everything that this stroller offers.

Baby Jogger City Select Stroller

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The Baby Jogger City Select Stroller is a single seat stroller that can convert into a double with ease, and provides for a variety of 16 different seating combinations for your young ones.

The second seat kit is included with your purchase.

Whether you want your children to have the view of where you are walking or if you would feel more comfortable with either or both of your children facing you, these interchangeable stroller seats can fit your preference.

The front and back seating of this stroller makes it narrower and ideal for cities and crowded streets, unlike strollers that have seats that are linked side-by-side.

One of the best features of this sleek stroller by far is that it is the first inline stroller of it’s kind that can fold completely flat in one simple motion.

That’s pretty impressive for a stroller that clocks in at a weighty 45 pounds. The Baby Jogger inline stroller also has a maximum weight capacity of 90 pounds, so it is perfect for newborns all the way to young children.

The other major benefit of this stroller for city use is that this stroller easily fits between two cars, so that you have no trouble loading or unloading your kids in a crowded parking lot or structure. It also features protective canopies for both seats.

This stroller includes a convenient hand-brake for parents, built into the handlebars, and adjustable height handlebars to suit taller parents. It has plenty of storage options for you and your children’s needs

Mountain Buggy Plus One Inline Double Stroller

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The Mountain Buggy Plus One Inline Double Stroller is another great single stroller that has an included, easily attachable second seat.

The Mountain Buggy also features an adjustable handlebar, which is great for both tall and short parents, and has a hand-brake located directly on the handlebars.

This stroller has massive, 12 inch air-filled tires which make it perfect for rolling over any type of terrain. It also features full recliners for both children so that they can cruise around in total comfort.

If you are a runner or jogger, the front wheel can be easily changed from swivel to set so that you don’t have to worry about running your stroller all over the street, trail, or track. This durable stroller only clocks in weighing 17 pounds, for the single seat version, and can hold more than double its weight to provide comfort for your child, for weights up to 44 pounds.

The Mountain Buggy also has plenty of storage space underneath the seats to store an entire day’s worth of toys, food, and supplies for your kids. The seats are made of comfortable cotton padding that is really easy to take out and wash or clean. This inline stroller is a bit more expensive than some of the others, but it’s lightweight frame, high durability, stable ride, storage features, comfort level, and simple folding technology make this purchase well worth the price.

Phil and Teds Classic Stroller

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Phil and Teds Classic Stroller is another great choice if you are looking for a great double seat option, inline stroller.

This stroller is as well built and durable as it is compact.

The Classic Stroller features a steel frame and a sturdy double foot brake, so that you can make sure that your stroller doesn’t roll away anywhere.

Both seats recline to three different positions for your children so that either or both of them can sit completely upright or totally reclined. The fully reclined position is also great for the comfortable transportation of your newborns.

Though, this model does lack cup holders and trays for both of the passenger seats, as well as at the parent’s handlebars, so you may want to look into getting some attachable ones if you are thinking about purchasing this stroller.

Baby Jogger BJ20257 City Select Stroller

Editor Rating:

The Baby Jogger City Select Stroller is another awesome, compact inline stroller that is totally comfortable for both you and your children.

This stroller also has 16 different seat combinations that you can use to seat your children. The only seat combination that it doesn’t feature is a double bassinet setting.

The slim design of this stroller makes it really easy to fit through doors and is compact enough to fit between closely parked cars. The big plus side to this unique stroller is that it has a massive cargo basket that can carry tons of toys, food, drinks, and supplies for your stroller driven journey.

The Baby Jogger can hold a total of 45 pounds in each seat, for a total 90 pound passenger carrying capacity. It has attachable canopies that can shelter both of your children from the harmful UV rays of the sun, to make for a cool and covered ride. Those are sold separately from the stroller.

It also has a car seat adapter which makes it really easy for the parent to pop the car seat right into the stroller, without too much of a hassle.

Final Verdict

Depending on what your budget is and the age and size of your children, any of these deluxe, inline stroller options could be ideal for the comfort, protection, and transportation of your children.

The biggest thing that you can keep in mind when looking over the strollers before you buy one, is to make sure that the stroller that you buy fits your specific lifestyle and the lifestyle of your children.

That may require a ton of added storage space for toys, snacks, drinks, cameras, and changes of clothes for long outings and adventures with your kids.

You may want to make sure that you get sun or rain canopies included with your purchase that store under your stroller so that you are prepared for fun in all sorts of weather.

Having cup holders and trays for you or your kids may be more or less valuable to you depending on what kinds of excursions you are planning on having, and if you are planning on going off the trail you are going to need a sturdier frame and some serious wheels.

Whatever the case may be, these are five of the highest rated inline double jogging strollers on the market, and if you pick the one that best suits your lifestyle, you can’t go wrong.

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