Best Double Jogging Strollers For Tall Kids – Guide & Reviews

When my wife and I had our first child, we were thrilled to be new parents, but we were also terrified at the prospect of having to take care of a whole person. Thankfully, we managed okay, but then when we got pregnant again, that presented a whole new set of issues, most notably how we were going to handle two children that both needed supervision.

Our oldest is now two, and our baby is due in a few months, so we were trying to figure out what we could do to accommodate a newborn. Thankfully, one thing we don’t have to worry about is the stroller situation.

These days, getting a double stroller is super easy and straightforward. However, we were worried about the age and size difference, since our two-year-old doesn’t like to sit in a stroller for extended periods of time. That’s when we discovered that there are tons of strollers built to accommodate large and small kids at the same time.

Recommended Best Double Jogging Strollers For Tall Kids

ZOE XL2 DELUXE Double Xtra Lightweight Twin Travel & Everyday Umbrella Stroller

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First, we have the ZOE XL2 Deluxe Double Stroller. ZOE is a quality brand that makes a lot of excellent baby products, and the XL2 is no exception.

When talking about double strollers, you have two options: the first is a side-by-side model like the XL2, or you can get a model where the seats are in a line, like a train.

Personally, I like the side-by-side model because that means both kids can see and experience everything in front of them, but you may prefer a train model.

What’s awesome about the XL2 is the fact that it’s super lightweight and easy to carry. The whole thing only weighs sixteen pounds, meaning that you can take it with you no matter where you go.

My wife is somewhat petite, and she can manage this stroller with no problems at all. Also, don’t think that just because it’s lighter that it can’t last a long time. The XL2 is built to take a beating.

As far as passenger comfort, this stroller comes fully loaded. Two retractable canopies work independently from each other so that you can accommodate both kids, such as if one is sleeping and the other is awake.

The canopies also fold down far enough to block most sunlight, which is nice. Other notable features include a five-point harness, reclining seats, and even cup holders so your children can help themselves.

Finally, this stroller comes with a comfort-grip handle, an extra cup holder for you, a snack cup for the kids, and extra storage down below. This model has everything you and your children need.

Highlighted Features

  • Lightweight design only weighs 16 pounds
  • Durable construction rated for up to fifty pounds per seat
  • ​Retractable canopies
  • ​Reclining seats
  • ​Two cup holders for the kids, and a snack holder in the middle
  • ​Five-point harnesses
  • ​Comfort-grip handlebar
  • ​Cup holder for parents
  • ​Soft belly bar for extra safety
  • Limited lifetime warranty on the wheels
Baby Trend Sit N Stand Ultra Tandem Stroller

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Next, we have the Baby Trend Sit N Stand Ultra Tandem Stroller. What stands out about this model (pun intended) is the fact that you can accommodate both an infant and a toddler with ease.

Most double strollers can only fit a child so big, but with this model, you can have one of your kids standing as you push them along.

Thankfully, however, if you want two seats, then this stroller can fit two car seats as well, meaning that you can mix and match however you want. The stroller itself is a durable and sturdy piece that’s made of high-quality nylon and steel.

If you use this stroller as a Sit N Stand model, it is rated to hold up to 50 pounds, meaning that you can have your older child in the back without risking anything bending or breaking. There is a bench seat in the back as well, so your child can sit down whenever he or she wants.

For your convenience, this stroller comes with four cup holders: two for you and two for your kids. The top parent tray also has a covered storage area for your phone or wallet as you walk along.

Speaking of storage, there is an extra-large storage pouch at the bottom so you can take all your accessories with you. Storing this stroller is a snap since it folds in half with a click of a button. You will need to remove the car seat(s) first, though.

Highlighted Features

  • Fits up to two car seats
  • ​Mix and match between seats and standing
  • ​Padded platform for sitting in the back
  • ​Made of high-quality nylon and steel
  • ​Four cup holders
  • ​Two for your child, two for you
  • ​Covered storage spot on top for your phone or wallet
  • Extra storage space below
  • Adjustable handle height
  • One-step folding for easy transport
Kolcraft Cloud Side by Side Umbrella Stroller

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Next, we have the Kolcraft Cloud. I have always liked Kolcraft products, and I feel like the company doesn’t get as much attention as other brands like babyletto or Graco.

Nonetheless, the Cloud is a top-quality double stroller that has all the features and accessories you and your children need for a smooth and comfortable ride.

This model is a side-by-side umbrella stroller. If you’re not familiar with the term, “umbrella stroller” just means that you can fold it up like an umbrella when you need to transport or store it.

Although the seats are next to each other, your kids still get individual comfort with independently reclining seats, retractable canopies to protect from the sun, and soft padding.

The padding on the seat can actually be removed, either for washing purposes or to allow for better airflow. Behind the pad is mesh netting so that your kids can stay cool on hot days. Finally, the pad works great as a pillow or headrest if you roll it up.

For mom and dad, the Cloud comes with three handlebars for better stability, two cup holders for your drinks, and a locking brake system on the rear wheels, so you don’t have to worry about your stroller running away from you.

Highlighted Features

  • Side by side stroller
  • Reclining seats
  • ​Retractable canopies
  • ​Three handlebars for stability
  • ​Parent cup holder included
  • ​Three-point harness system
  • ​Removable seat padding for better airflow
  • ​Washable and rollable, makes a great headrest
  • ​Seats hold up to 35 pounds
  • Folds in half with one easy step
  • Brake locking system for each rear wheel set
Graco Roomfor2 Click Connect Stand and Ride Stroller

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As one of the top baby brands in the country, Graco has a long history of making high-quality strollers, car seats, and other gear to help your child feel comfortable and secure.

To that end, the Roomfor2 Sit and Stand Stroller is a perfect testament to Graco’s commitment to quality and excellence.

This particular stroller is ideal for families with a toddler and an infant since your older child can stand (and sit) in the back while the baby rides comfortably up front.

In the back, there is a padded bench seat so your kid can sit comfortably as you move, and there are two plastic handlebars to help get in and out safely. There is even a three-point harness for the rear seat just in case.

For your little one in the front, the Roomfor2 has a reclining seat with a retractable canopy to protect from the sun. A five-point harness keeps your infant secure, and there is even a rubber bar to prevent your child from falling out. The bar flips up easily for better access to the seat.

For mom and dad, there is an extra-large storage pouch on the bottom, an adjustable handlebar with a soft rubber grip, and two cup holders for added convenience. As I mentioned, this is an umbrella stroller, so packing and storing the Roomfor2 is as easy as can be.

Highlighted Features

  • Sit N Stand style stroller
  • Can accommodate any Graco car seat in the front
  • ​Rear padded bench seat for comfort
  • ​Front tray has two cup holders and a snack holder
  • ​Top tray has two cup holders for parents
  • ​Two handlebars in back for better stability of standing child
  • ​Padded rubber handle for stability
  • ​Adjustable canopy for front seat
  • Reclining front seat
  • Five-point harness
  • ​Three-point harness for rear bench seat
  • ​Extra large storage pouch on the bottom
  • Folds in one easy step
Delta Children LX Side by Side Tandem Umbrella Stroller

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Finally, we have the Delta Children LX Stroller. This model is very similar to the Kolcraft stroller, in that it is a side-by-side design and folds up like an umbrella.

Also like the Kolcraft, this stroller has everything you and your kids need.

For your children’s comfort, each seat moves independently from the other. Adjustable European-style canopies help protect against the sun, and each seat can recline for maximum comfort and allow one child to sleep if necessary.

Also to help your sleeping children, the front wheels have built-in shock absorbers for a smoother ride. For mom and dad, the handlebar at the top is fully adjustable and comes with a soft rubber grip.

You get two cup holders as well so you can drink your water or coffee as you go. As far as storage, this stroller has two large hanging pouches behind each seat. Overall, this is a fantastic stroller for most trips as it packs up and stores super quickly.

Highlighted Features

  • Side by side stroller
  • Lightweight design
  • ​Adjustable canopies
  • ​Umbrella folding design for better carrying and storage
  • Shock absorbing front wheels
  • ​Meets all federal safety standards
  • ​Fits most doorways
  • ​Parent cup holder on the handle
  • ​Padded rubber grip
  • Two large hanging storage bags
  • ​Five-point harness for each seat
  • ​Independently reclining seats
  • Each seat holds up to 35 pounds

Final Verdict

When picking the best double stroller, it really depends on the size and age of your kids. If you have one child that is older and a newborn (like me), then either the Graco Roomfor2 or the BabyTrend Sit N Stand strollers are perfect, because they allow you to mix and match and make the most comfortable experience for both children.

However, if your kids are similar ages, then I would highly recommend the ZOE XL2 stroller since it has all the features and accessories you could want. Overall, however, each stroller listed is high-quality and guaranteed to satisfy, so you’re covered no matter which one you pick.

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