Best Bob Stroller – Guide with Weather Sheild Reviews

Caring for a child and being a parent is a wonderful experience but it comes with overwhelming and daunting tasks especially if you want to make decisions about your child. One of the most overwhelming decisions you make as a parent is choosing the best stroller for your toddler or child.

Strollers ease the burden of carrying a baby around, and as a parent, you need a product that will be convenient for you and also comfortable for your child.  You should also put your child’s safety in consideration and with Bob stroller, there is a wide variety of products to select.

Bob stroller offer products that are revolutionary and the main mantra is to give families the ability to explore and get out together with their young children. Bob strollers have become a part of many families over the years, and I hope it can be a part of your family after this review.

How to Select the Best BOB Stroller

When your mind is already set on getting a BOB stroller for your child, it is important to note that certain factors will determine if you get the best BOB stroller in the market or not.


It is important to choose a stroller that is within your price range so as not to go overboard on your budget and regret later. The price range will determine the type of stroller you get, some of them are expensive and yet they perform similar tasks to their cheap counterparts. Always ensure that you feel the value of your money while choosing a stroller.


You should also go for a stroller that is durable and long lasting because this is products that you can use even if you decide to get other children. This depends on the type of materials that are used in the making of that stroller. Choosing a stroller depending on its durability will go a long way in curing the need for change.


Which functions o you need the stroller to perform? Where will the stroller go? Some of the BOB strollers are not meant for an all rugged terrain so knowing the functions that you need your stroller to perform.


Handling of the stroller is also important to consider because it is you who will be using the product once you purchase it. Does the have handle brakes? Can the handle be adjusted depending on my height? This is some of the questions that you can consider before purchasing a stroller.

Storage Space

It is also important to consider a stroller with adequate storage place that can help you with your excess luggage. Storage space is very important because it can ease the burden of carrying unwanted bags.

Fixed Or Adjustable Canopy

The canopy is also important to note in this selection because it is responsible for safeguarding the security of your child. So you should whether you want a fixed or adjusted canopy.

Top 10 BOB Stroller Review

As I have just mentioned top 10 best bob stroller, and that is why I have selected the 10 bob stroller on offer based on their features, performance & disadvantage.

BOB 2016 Revolution Flex Stroller

BOB 2016 Revolution FLEX Stroller, Black

The fun of having a stroller around is the thought of going with your young one anywhere you feel like. The BOB 2016 Revolution Flex Stroller is not only a common stroller but the number one jogging stroller according to some analysts.

In fact, this stroller is suitable for all terrain, and it is also perfect for the daily activities, and it can withstand the weight of children from eight weeks to up to 35kgs, meaning it will help in your child’s growth and development.

Advanced technology has also equipped this stroller with some of the best features around like the state of the art adjustable suspensions system that takes bumps in strides. The front wheel of this stroller can swivel for unique maneuverability and can also lock to ensure added stability of the product.

For short parents, the stroller comes with an adjustable handlebar that offers nine different positions to create the perfect feel when using it. The factor of the parents’ height is put in consideration by this product. So short or tall parents you should not worry because the BOB 2016 Revolution flex stroller got your height need to be covered.


  • Adjustable Padded Handlebar
  • The start of the Art suspension system
  • Easy two-step fold
  • Air filled tires on polymer wheels
  • Travel system included the BOB infant car seat adapter
  • Swiveling and locking the front wheel


  • Comes with a tiny canopy
  • There is little to no padding in the seat
  • The fabric is also a little bit scratchy
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BOB 2016 Revolution Pro Stroller

BOB 2016 Revolution PRO Stroller, Black

Do you engage in intense workouts? Then this is the best stroller for you, and it is fully packed and loaded for all adventures you may wish to engage in. Remember that this stroller is an all rugged terrain product hence it can be used in any land. The Revolution PRO stroller is versatile, and it is amazing because it’s the most lavish on an off-road stroller.

This stroller has special hand activated brakes that ensure maximum control either on downhill slopes or climbing the hills, so when you are picking up the speed or hitting on some slopes, your little child is safe at hand. I know every mom out there wishes to have products that ensure the safety of their children and this stroller is one of the best.

The revolution PRO Stroller boasts of an ultra-smooth ride for your adventures like broad walks, beaches and trails are no matches for this beast. Seat reclining also ensures that your child sees all the angles due to fully upright seating positions.

It also comes equipped with an extra-large cargo basket to ensure that you have a place to keep your adventure gear, supplies or even toys for your child. With this stroller, you can take your adventures to maximum heights with the BOB 2016 Revolution PRO stroller. It creates the best travel system for your lifestyle.


  • Hand activated drum brakes
  • Convenient for transportation and storage
  • Great range of seating angles
  • Easy navigation on all terrain


  • Too Heavy because of the extra-large basket

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Joovy Zoom 360 Ultra-light Jogging Stroller

Joovy Zoom 360 Ultralight Jogging Stroller, Black

Moms love to brag a lot about their kids and the activities that they do. Therefore, it will be embarrassing for you as a mom to brag about having the best stroller for your child, and you do not own the Joovy Zoom 360 Ultra-light jogging stroller.

This bad boy is the latest addition to the Joovy stroller family, and the updated design is so simple, better looking and most importantly stronger. The lightweight mesh ensures a reduction in weight, and it adds better ventilation to the foot area, safeguarding the comfort of your child.

The front 12-inch wheels revolve around for maximum maneuverability and can also provide a long straight lock. Stable base of the wheels maximizes efficiency in walking or running. Parking brakes also ensure that this beast is ready and secured for stops.

Many mothers I know you would enjoy this, the Joovy 360 ultra-light stroller has a convenient parent organizer section that ensures you can keep your keys, phone or even beverages on the stroller. No need for an extra bag, right moms?


  • Light weight stroller
  • It has graphite aluminum frames with shock-absorbing suspensions
  • Mesh pockets for your child’s snacks and toys
  • Compact and quick fold action
  • The stroller has the highest riding seats which offer great visibility for children
  • It has a parental organizer section
  • Large sunshade for your child


  • Too large not recommended for use in tight places
  • Lacks a hand brake
  • It is also very hard to disengage the parking brake

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BOB Weather Shield for Single Revolution/SS Stroller

BOB Weather Shield for Single Revolution SS Strollers
The mention of the name bad weather terrifies every parent in the world, and you start thinking about your kid and what you will do to help him or her. Worry not parents, the BOB Weather Shield for Single Revolution helps keep your child warm, dry, and safe on rainy and also windy adventures.

The water resistant design helps to protect your young kid from the wind, snow, and rain while still giving him the best view of the world and its surroundings. With this stroller, your child is always in safe hands and protected.

This stroller is also light in weight and it easy to carry around when you are not using it. The weather shields also fit perfectly making it easy for removing and mounting it back, simplifying the task for parents.

The weather shields also have vents that are placed strategically allowing proper airflow and skill keep your precious passenger completely warm, dry, and safe. As a caring parent, this stroller answers all your questions that involve your child’s protection in any weather


  • Lightweight and simple to attach
  • Reliable for weather protection
  • Rolls up pretty easily and can be tucked up near the handle bars
  • Allows maximum airflow when using the weather shields
  • Rugged in nature can withstand all terrain


  • This is a flimsy stroller
  • It is also expensive
  • No clear look through the top, hence you can only check your kid from the front
  • It lacks handbrakes making it vulnerable

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Baby trend expedition jogger stroller

Baby Trend Expedition Jogger Stroller, Phantom, 50 Pounds

Do you love jogging? Or the question should be; during jogging would you like to be joined by your child for a company? The Expedition jogging stroller enables you to have that feel of your child’s presence when you are doing your morning or evening jog.

The stroller is designed with large back bicycle tires, and the front wheel revolves around while it can also be unlocked during low speeds or locked into the right jogging mode. The stroller can also accept and use any of the baby trend flex-lock to make a suitable travel system.

The comfort of the child is also assured by a Multi-positioning reclining and padded seat which is very fluffy, adjustable to more than four safety point harness and a tether strap. Its canopy is designed to adjust and block the sun rays and also wind from causing harm to your child. The safety of your child is guaranteed, and his comfort is in check.

I know many parents hate bulky products, there is no need to hate this Baby Trend Expedition Jogger stroller because it has a lightweight making it convenient and portable to carry around from one place to the other.


  • It has footrest reflectors for a great low-light visibility
  • Comes with an extra-large storage basket
  • It also has a parent tray with two cup holders for you and your child
  • It is compact and easy to fold for easier storage or transport
  • Big tires for easier maneuvering over all surfaces


  • You need to pump the tires frequently
  • Tips over easily due to poor handling

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BOB Weather Shield for Duallie Revolution/SS Strollers

BOB Weather Shield for Duallie Revolution SS Strollers

Every passage has a right to be protected, the BOB Weather Shield for Duallie Revolution offers the protection required while still maintain a high level of air flow and visibility for your passenger. This weather protection stroller gives an ultimate protection against harsh weather conditions.

The stroller is designed to be water resistant, windproof and it is made from clear thermoplastic polyurethane materials that ensure visibility and is also responsible for the warmth and comfort of your passenger in any weather condition. Vents are also placed strategically on the stroller to secure a free flow of air in and out of the product.

If you have other brands BOB strollers never worry, this stroller is compatible with all other BOB Revolution and Duallie Stride Strollers. This makes it easier for owners who had bought other BOB products and they needed an upgrade.

To the parents out there this is the ultimate stroller when it comes to weather protection. It gives you a good feel secured happiness concerning the safety of your precious young child. This stroller makes life easy during the harsh weather conditions as it gives your child a glimpse of various kind of weather firsthand.


  • Weather covers are easy to put on and secure
  • Easy to use and it does not require a manual
  • It can easily accommodate other extra units like the double snack tray
  • Swivel front wheel for easier maneuverability
  • Ensures that the passenger is warm and dry in any weather


  • The plastic material can easily be punctured
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BOB Sun Shield Revolution Stroller for Strides

BOB Sun Shield Single Revolution Stroller for Strides

Sun rays are very harmful to the skin of your child because it’s the main risk factor for premature skin aging, skin damage or even sun burns. As parents I know you would enjoy when your child is basking in the sun just receiving the vitamin D minerals, but this should be limited to safeguard your child from sun rays exposure.

The BOB Sun Shield revolution stroller protects your child from the ultra-violent sun rays, flying insects and also the wind. This stroller has a specially designed mesh screen that reduces the harmful sun rays from reaching your child.

It is also designed to reduce the heat inside the stroller providing a safe environment for a child to be in a while also allowing the children to have a spectacular outside view and the parent to monitor the child.

It is designed from very good quality materials that can survive for quite some years. This ensures that your child can grow and you may keep the stroller for future use when you think of getting another child.


  • Keeps bugs and other flying insects out
  • Prevents your child’s toys and other stuff from hitting the ground
  • Offers wind protection
  • Easy to attach and use


  • Overpriced
  • Parents have no seen through the window at the top
  • No pass-through section to get things over to your kid
  • Less protection from the sun, canopy must be retracted half-way for maximum protection blocking 70% of the sun
  • Not recommended for very hot weather
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BOB Motion Stroller Weather Shield

BOB Motion Stroller Weather Shield

For a parenting getting ready for an adventure together with your young one means that you are thinking of a stroller that is comfortable, versatile, safe, and comfortable for your child. The BOB Motion weather shield stroller offers all these features.

The stroller is made from tough aluminum frames and durable fabric that gives it the power to withstand all-weather conditions and also for long last use. This stroller comes with small diameter revolving front wheels which allow exceptional maneuverability and the wheels can be locked to increase its stability depending on the terrain.

Padded and adjustable seats that recline also ensure great sitting positions for your young one and keeps the child secure. The child is also protected from the rain and the wind using the weather shield that is designed to be water resistant.

The independent suspensions systems on the stroller smooth out bumpy and rugged terrain supplying a comfortable ride for your young precious passenger. Linked parking breaks also secure both the rear wheels to ensure the stroller stays put until you feel you are ready to roll again.


  • The baby stays warm inside the stroller
  • Easy to fold and store when you are not using it
  • Wicks the rain very well with no leaks
  • Comes with an additional bottom storage area
  • Reflective tabs add visibility in low light areas


  • The bottom Velcro attachments are annoying
  • The storage area at the bottom is widely exposed
  • It has a heavy plastic smell that tends to disappear with time
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BOB Sun Shield for 2016 fixed wheel Single Stroller

BOB Sun Shield for 2016 Fixed Wheel Single Strollers

Children come with great responsibilities, and it you love your child then the BOB Sun Shield for 2016 fixed wheel single stroller is the best gift you can give your young one. This stroller comes equipped with a sun shield that protects the delicate skin of your child from the sun, insects, and wind. There is also a breathable mesh screen that prevents the little one’s exposure to the harmful ultraviolet A and ultraviolet B rays.

This stroller also provides better visibility for your passenger, and he or she can have a glimpse of the nature surrounding him. During your adventures with your child, you can rest assured because he or she is protected and is very safe.

Handle breaks also ensure that you as apparent you are in charge and control or your stroller hence reducing the risks of unwanted accidents happening. The shield of this stroller is compatible with the BOB sports utility single Stroller and the BOB Ironman meaning that it can be used on selected strollers.

With this stroller, parents can rest easy and agree that their children are in safe hands, as it provides unlimited child protection and also its design is made for the hot sunny weather. Bottom storage facility ensures that you can keep your extra belongings like toys and keys on the stroller during your adventures.


  • It easy to fold and set up
  • Handle brakes provide a tighter grip in braking
  • Provides a barrier to the sun and flying insects
  • The breathable mesh ensures free airflow


  • The bottom storage facility is widely exposed
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Handlebar Console Suits Britax and BOB Strollers

Handlebar Console Suits Britax and BOB Strollers - Increase Your Stroller Storage

Is your stroller storage facility enough for you? Do you want to increase the storage capability of your stroller? Say no more all your queries are answered with the introduction of a stroller caddy organizer. This product comes with a portable changing diaper pad that ensures you change your child’s diapers in a quick and simple manner.

The product also has hooks for bags which are very strong and multi-function that will help you carry extra large bags with the desired ease, increasing the storage capacity of the stroller. There are also large pockets that are mesh providing a secured area for you to fit your phone making sure that you can never miss a call and you can listen to music while on your adventure.

The stroller has a reinforced internal frame that ensures drinks are kept in an upright manner in insulated holders to maintain their temperature and reduce spills on the stroller. There are also adjustable Velcro straps that ensure the stroller can accommodate the weight of any added accessory.


  • The Product is easy to clean
  • Increases the storage capacity of your stroller
  • Collapsible design that ensures a simple fold stroller with a parental console attached
  • Portable changing pad hence no need for a diaper bag
  • The organization of the stroller is at your disposal


  • Makes the stroller heavy and bulky
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Final Words

The BOB baby strollers are sporty, durable and versatile. They feature adjustable suspensions and durable wheels and pneumatic tires that are ideal for jogging, running and also hiking. As a consumer, you should consider your lifestyle

For the best performing BOB stroller, you should ensure that you have at least done research on what you intend to get so as not to get confused when going for your stroller shopping. Every product has its ways of capturing the minds of clients hence it is important that you get the detailed product information.

By taking consideration of all the factors, buyers will be able to make an intelligent purchasing decision and enjoy quality outdoor time with their children.

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